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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Merlin

Merlin is a wizard that appeared in the novel The Legacy of Merlin He was mentioned in the episodes "We're Off to See the Wizard" and "Sword and the City", though whether or not he actually existed in the series remains a mystery. In The Legacy of Merlin, he is presented as the most powerful […]

Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Gideon and a Spell to Vanquish Gideon

Gideon was one of the most powerful and well-respected members of the Council of Elders, as well as the mentor of Leo Wyatt. He was also the headmaster of Magic School, possibly since its creation. While initially a friend to the Charmed Ones, he was later revealed to be the one trying to kill Wyatt. […]

Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Rathmere

Rathmere was an ancient and powerful wizard who contributed hundreds of spells and potions to the magical world. In addition to these original magical formulas, Rathmere was known to have created at least one unique wand. He mysteriously disappeared in 1904, leaving behind only his wand, which would later be placed on display in the […]

Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Magic School – Third Page

Magic School is an institution of magic created by the Council of Elders thousands of years ago, after untrained magic destroyed Atlantis. The Elders established Magic School as a training ground for young magic users. Set apart in a separate realm, hidden portals all over the Earth allowed access to the school for those who […]