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How It Started

Metaphysics has played a rather large part in my life. I wanted to learn more about it and if there had been anything new released since I stopped studying it some time in the late 1980s. This site really only started out as a collection of articles to help me learn more about, not only Metaphysics, but Religion as a whole. Hence the name, Metaphysic Study and then it was born.

I've learned a lot in the last four years of participating in this site. I hope others have benefited from it as well. With such a negative world that we live in – I wanted to bring some sort of peace, not only to myself, but hopefully to the entire world.

Over the past four years, I had thought of making rosaries in exchange for Donations just to keep the site up. My real life helpers and I have decided to start a Store instead. This is exciting to me because a rosary just about saved my life.

My Personal Story

For about eighteen years now, I have been diagnosed with just about every Mental Illness they have recorded to date. I sleep walk, I lose control of my body and I've even been thought to have Epilepsy. With doctor's failing to control my mysterious illness, out of shear panic, I grabbed a rosary for support. I have to say, it wasn't just in my Faith that my mysterious illness dissipated, but the materials in which it was made from.

My son is an expert in jewelry. He and I experimented with different beads and wires to see what would help me make it through the night. I think we've perfected what works for me and I do hope something will help you in the future.

They Say I Have Schizophrenia

Don't be alarmed… I just happen to hear voices continually going on inside my mind. Once I was able to calm down and focus on what they were really saying, I found that not everything in the dark is scary. A lot of the voices were from deceased relatives, warning me of dangers that were right under my nose. Little simple things like losing my car keys, they were only yelling and screaming at me to be more careful.

My Family History

My roots come from Point Pleasant, West Virgina. This is where the Mothman was discovered. I've investigated that story a lot on this web site, even the accompanying haunted asylums there because I didn't know a lot about my family. There were secrets kept, even the ones I should've been allowed to know. For instance, it would've been nice to know that most of my family hears voices and that there is hazardous toxic waste leaking into that land where I was hailed from.

Point Pleasant, West Virginia was where the first UFO was sited, the first time someone witnessed a Man In Black (MIB,) the first time… there were a lot of firsts for that land. More than half of the Sci-Fi Movie plots are based out of what has happened there. At least I know I'm not alone in this and now I can find peace. I hope you find peace as well.

Be Well

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