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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Witches Funeral

……A Wiccan funeral is a Wiccan ceremony that commemorates the passing of a witch.

Prue Halliwell had a Wiccan funeral, which was shortly disrupted by demonic assassins who tried to kill Cole Turner after he betrayed the Source of All Evil.

On a blue silk covered altar table, which is adorned with a ceremonial chalice lays a tied, silver cord, surrounded by three lit candles, symbolizing Birth, Death, and the Rebirth.

A High Priestess presiding over will recite:

That which belongs to fellowship and love.
That which belongs to the circle, remains with us.
The wheel turns. As life is a day, so our sister has passed into night.
Nothing is final, and we who remain behind know
that one day, we will once again share the bread and wine with our sister.
O' blessed spirit, we bid you farewell, for you await a new destiny.

Untie the silver cord and lay it into the chalice. Blow out the candles.

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