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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Kierkan

Kierkan was a powerful demonic Alchemist. He used metaphysical tools to transform one substance into another. He was creating Life Essences that he uses to possess the living. He can remove an essence from a body on his own and can call it back into his Essence Bearer. Kierkan also possesses the innate ability to bring the dead back to life.

Although unknown when exactly she was made, Terra was Kierkan's own masterpiece. It is presumed that Kierkan had killed an innocent mortal woman, in order to house Terra's spirit in. However, Terra was also made with his blood, which also gave her every power Kierkan had which in the end had disastrous results. Terra eventually freed herself from his lair, by stabbing herself into the stomach and therefore releasing her spirit. However, unknown to Kierkan her spirit had taken up a new home, in a passing businessman in order for Terra to find the home of the Halliwell sisters.

Kierkan eventually tracks down the businessman after Terra had killed him and possessed Piper Halliwell, a Charmed One. He brings him back to life with a spell that forces the dead man's soul back into his corpse. Kierkan then interrogates the man until he tells him where Terra is now hiding and in whom she is possessing. When he gets the answer he's come for, he says a spell that removes the man's soul killing him instantly, again.

While Kierkan is on his way to the manor, Terra is planning to vanquish him and has set a trap for him by manipulating Prue. Kierkan senses Terra inside the manor while Piper attempts to tell Terra that it takes the Power of Three to vanquish Kierkan – that she can't do it alone. Just then, Keirkan barges into the manor and backhands Piper/Terra to the floor. Just as Kierkan is about to stab Piper/Terra, she freezes him, telling him that he just pissed off a Charmed One.

Prue and Phoebe enter after him and Piper/Terra provides them with the Power of Three Spell for the vanquish. After the three read a spell, Kierkan begins to be engulfed by flames and says he could have helped them and that she will destroy them. Keirkan then drops the essence bearer and is vanquished.

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