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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Lost and Found Spell

The Lost and Found Spell was written by Phoebe Halliwell in 2001. She had originally written it to find Cole Turner, but decided not to use it. She later cast it to find the wedding ring Leo Wyatt had lost.

In 2001, Leo Wyatt had lost Patty Halliwell's wedding ring. He got it from Piper, so that he could give it to her on their wedding. To find it, Phoebe used this spell. However, her spell didn't only find the ring back, it found everything that the sisters had lost, even Phoebe's brown hair. Later that day, Phoebe reworded her spell to find Prue's ex-boyfriend, Tom Peters, who was part of a brutal training program at The Academy to become a demon. Later, when his mentor Kellman was vanquished at the manor, Phoebe reversed her spell so that the vanquish would be complete.

Lost and Found Spell

Guiding spirits I ask your charity,
Lend me your focus and clarity,
Lead me to the one I cannot find,
Restore that and my peace of mind.

Reversal Spell

I return what I didn't want to find.
Let it be out of sight, out of mind.

To Find Tom

Show me the path that I cannot find,
To save Tom and restore Prue's peace of mind.

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