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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Shocker Demon

The Shocker Demon is a being composed of pure electricity. It moves through electrical outlets and devices to surprise and attack its victims. Those who touch the demon will be electrocuted, though it can dispersed when hit with an object that doesn't conduct electricity. It can only be vanquished with the Power of Three spell.

In late 2001, a Shocker Demon infiltrated the Halliwell Manor. Since Piper and Phoebe were unable to vanquish it without Paige, they were living without electricity as a precaution. When Phoebe grabbed the phone to call Paige, the Shocker appeared and started attacking until Piper scared it off. Piper then suggested that Paige should move into the manor, as they were vulnerable without her.

The Shocker later attacked Piper in the living room and Phoebe kicked it. She was nearly electrocuted until Piper repelled the demon with a wooden coat rack, causing it to flee again. It then attacked Paige at her work, though she was rescued by the Prince.

After dealing with the Evil Enchantress, Paige decided to move into the manor. When her sisters came to check on her, Paige turned on the light and the Shocker appeared. Using the Power of Three spell, the sisters successfully vanquished it.

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