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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Xar

Xar was an upper-level demon and a former member of the Triad. He was banished for betraying them and had sought revenge against them ever since.

Xar ordered two of his minions to warn the Charmed Ones of the Triad's return, as he wanted the sisters to vanquish them. When the Charmed Ones received the warning, they immediately began to think of ways to vanquish them. Unknown to them, Christy Jenkins, whom had only been recently rescued from the Underworld, was actually working with the Triad.

Christy was then captured by Xar in an attempt to stop the Triad's plans, though Christy used her pyrokinesis to free herself. She was about to vanquish Xar when was summoned back to the manor by Billie. When Christy was alone, she contacted the Triad and informed them that someone was impersonating them. The Triad realized Xar was the one responsible and confronted him. Xar was then vanquished by Candor.

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