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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Monkey Totem

The Monkey Totem is a magical artifact capable of stealing the senses of others. The totem was originally a living monkey created by the Sorcerer Kheel. He was a harsh master and mistreated the monkey, which led to it stealing its master's voice. As a punishment, Kheel then transformed it into a totem.

Once the totem has been used, the senses would get lost when the victim needed them the most. The totem exists out of three monkeys sitting on each other. The first covers its ears, the second its eyes and the third covers its mouth. Despite there being three depicted, only one comes to life when activated.

The Crone used the Monkey Totem to steal the Charmed Ones' senses so that she could gain access to Wyatt long enough to see his future.

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