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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Ghosts, Poltergeists and Hauntings

Ghost, Poltergeists Hauntings is an entry in the Book of Shadows, written by an unknown witch of the Warren Line.

The term "ghost" conjures up an image, peaceful or tortured,
of the spirit of someone who has died. It is generally assumed
that the dead, if restless and returned from the grave, would
be attracted either to their relatives, people with whom they
had some close association during life or to places that
had a special meaning to them. One theory holds that events
imprint themselves on the substance of the environment. Because
they are trapped in the fabric of time, their images are eternally
reenacted. The spirits of the murdered are often said to return
to the scene of their death as a reproachful or vengeful reminder
Ghosts are not necessarily visible, frightening or ethereal.
Indeed, many have been mistaken for solid, physical individuals.
Furthermore, ghosts may be perceived in a variety of ways,
though often only visible to psychics, while non-psychics merely
"feel" or "sense" their presence. If an individual possesses some
psychic faculty, they may perceive the ghost by means of vision,
sound or feeling. Ghosts can also be experienced through other
sensory perceptions, including the perception of a change in
temperature, movement and touch. There may be noises,
voices, music or other sounds that suggest the presence of
supernatural phenomena. Other indirect "sightings" include
the mysterious appearance of writing or apports such as..

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