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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Dwarves

Dwarfs are magical Fairy Tale beings that appear in the story of Snow White. Like all other Fairy Tale beings, they also exist outside of the tales and live in the Enchanted Forest with other good beings from the Magical Community. Dwarfs possess the power of Hyper Speed and are short in stature, similar to Leprechauns and Elves.

The seven dwarfs appeared at the Halliwell manor after Paige had taken a bite from a poisoned apple, killing her. The dwarfs knew about her death and came to preserve her body like they had done for Snow White. They build a glass coffin for her. The dwarfs only seemed concerned with doing their job, as they decided not to inform Piper that 'Grams' was the big bad wolf that intended to eat her. After the Wicked Witch was vanquished and her magic undone, the Dwarfs returned to their home.

The Dwarfs reappeared at the manor when the Titans were freed, seeking sanctuary like the rest of the Magical Community. One of the dwarfs later assisted Phoebe in freeing Paige, who had been turned to stone by the titan Meta. The Dward eventually freed her with his pickaxe, in combination with a spell, some luck and fairy dust.

When the legendary sword Excalibur was found, a dwarf was one of the many magical beings who wanted to try to pull it from the stone. However, he kept getting pushed out of the line. After Piper removed Excalibur, the dwarf offered his services, including building castles and making suits of armor, and then quickly zipped out of the manor. The same dwarf was later captured by the Head Executioner Demon and revealed that Piper had drawn the sword to the Dark Knight. The dwarf then quickly punched the demon that was holding him and fled the lair.

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