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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Instant Karma Spell

The Instant Karma Spell is a spell from the Book of Shadows that allows witches to make a demon feel the pain that it has inflicted, to either distract them or vanquish them.

Still new to the craft, Paige Matthews borrowed the Book of Shadows and took it with her to work. She had been using several spells, such as To Promote Compromise and the Vanishing Spell to help her or her friends out. She got tired of her co-worker Donnie's behavior, harassing her and her female co-workers, and used a spell on him. Because this spell focuses on demons, but the incantation uses the word "villain" instead, Paige changed the word "demon" to "dirtbag". As soon as the spell was cast, Donnie was being harassed himself, to an extreme degree.

However, since Paige had cast this spell for personal gain, the spell backfired; her breasts had grown bigger so that she herself would be harassed by men. Later that day, Phoebe reversed this spell with a general reversal spell.

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