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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Demonic Power Broker

Demonic Power Brokers are demons who collect and trade demonic powers to the highest bidder. These bids can vary from other powers to innocents or material wealth.

Power Brokers sometimes use mortals to store their collected powers until they can find a buyer. However, this causes life-threatening danger for that mortal, as they are not able to handle magical powers. Storing a power in a temporary host can drive them to extreme confusion, violence and paranoia and will eventually lead to illness and death. The power can only be pulled out with a potion or by a Power Broker himself.

In 2002, a Power Broker stored the power of Acid Secretion in a mortal woman named Karen Young. Confused, Karen wandered the streets until she was found by Piper and Phoebe Halliwell. Because Karen was not a magical being, the power made her confused and later violent. She tried to kill her boss Elise Rothman until Phoebe managed to give her a potion to save her life.

When Paige became increasingly suspicious of Cole, he had a Power Broker named Raif store a demonic power in her to drive her to a confused and paranoid state. Cole then played into her fears by attacking her and speeding up the process. Driven to madness, Paige then attacked Cole and Phoebe in a hotel. The sisters and Cole later had Raif extract the power, which erased Paige's memories but not her distrust of Cole.

A female Power Broker was auctioning off magical powers on the Demonic Market when Paige Matthews went undercover to find the Parasite Demons who were after her nephew. After being shown around by a brutish demon, Paige vanquished him with a Fireball she orbed away from the broker.

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