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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Demonic Bounty Hunter

Demonic Bounty Hunters are low-level demons that hunt and capture other demons or magical beings in order gain the bounty attached to the target. These demons are typically hired by more powerful demons, such as the Source of All Evil or the Triad, to hunt fugitive demons and converted magical beings.

Krell was a Zotar, a special kind of Demonic Bounty Hunter. He was hired to hunt Belthazor after he betrayed and vanquished the Triad. He worked with Piper and Prue Halliwell to get to Belthazor, who they later discover to be Cole Turner. However, Krell was vanquished by Cole instead when Krell tried to kill Phoebe who had got in the way.

Stephen and Annette were two demons posing as foster parents sent to look after the young Firestarter Tyler Michaels. They were sent by the Source of All Evil in order to have Tyler be trained to serve as a bodyguard at the academy run by the demon Ludlow. However, they were vanquished by Tyler.

Burke was a bounty hunter who froze his victims and made them his personal trophies. His weapon of choice was a crossbow. Burke agreed to "freeze" Leo in order to stop the Angel of Death from getting him, however he was vanquished shortly after by the Triad for disobeying their rules.

On the morning of Prue Halliwell's funeral, two bounty hunters attacked the church, targeting Cole for helping Phoebe and Leo escape the Underworld. They were both vanquished by Cole, though their attack greatly upset Piper for disturbed the funeral. When Piper was kidnapped by the Source and trapped in an illusion, Cole allowed himself to be captured by bounty hunters so Leo could follow them to her location. One of them vanquished the other with a lightning attack meant for Leo, and was later vanquished by Cole.

The Sorcerer who made a deal with Drake dè Mon to make him human, hired a bounty hunter named Rathbone to track him down when the year was almost up.

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