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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Buddha's Mystical Staff

Buddha's Mystical Staff is an ancient magical staff which is handed over between the twelve Chinese Zodiacs each New Year. Each year, one Zodiac is meant to wield to staff to continue the eternal cycle and maintain balance. The staff has the power to project the personality and will of the wielder to others. Each Zodiac carries it an entire year, giving meaning to the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Each year the staff is passed on to the next Zodiac in line in the Sacred Garden. During this day, the staff will be vulnerable to evil. When the staff falls into the hands of evil during this time, a year of evil will begin.

The demon Novak spent decades trying to capture the staff, only to fail each time. In 2006, he and his minions managed to kill Rooster, the Zodiac wielding the staff. However, his attempt to take it was interrupted by Piper Halliwell and Billie Jenkins. The keeper of the garden, Lo Pan, then handed the staff to Piper for protection until it was time to hand it over.

Unknown to Piper, the staff accidentally projected her obsessive nature to Paige and later Phoebe. When Phoebe got the staff, it projected her personality onto Piper and all her party guests. Novak then took Piper captive and obtained the staff, projecting his evil on all three Charmed Ones. He sent them to kill Lo Pan, though Billie returned them to normal through her Projection.

The sisters and Billie then confronted Novak and his minions at Magic School, channeling their power through the staff to vanquish them all. When Piper returned to the garden, she learned that Lo Pan had become the next Rooster. He then handed the staff to the next Zodiac to continue the cycle.

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