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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Zahn

Zahn was a demonic Soul Trader. He had obtained a variety of powers by trading human souls for powers through Faustian Deals. Through these deals, he became an upper-level demon; having been lower-level beforehand; a detail that hadn't since been updated in the Book of Shadows. Additionally, he was known to be an expert in Demonic Law.

Zahn was known as an expert on Demonic Law. At some point in time, he started using Faustian Deals to gain control of the souls of mortals, which he would then trade for powers in slave auctions. Through his deals, Zahn worked his way up from a low-level to a powerful upper-level demon.

Paige Matthews went up against Zahn independently to save her boss Larry Henderson, who had made a deal with Zahn for success. Zahn warned her that by vanquishing him, every soul he collected will immediately be sent to purgatory where they will endure eternal torment. To save Henry's soul, Paige signed over her own soul so her boss would be released from his contract.

Before signing over her soul, Paige had Richard Montana warn her sisters. Just as Zahn started to auction Paige's body and soul, her sisters come to the rescue and Piper blew up the vault containing all contracts and with them, Zahn's built powers and souls. The sisters then used a potion to vanquish Zahn.

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