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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Troxa

Troxa was a demon with the power of invisibility, who was sent by the Triad to assist Belthazor in his task to kill the Charmed Ones.

In 2000, the Triad sent Troxa to assist Belthazor in defeating the Charmed Ones. At night, Troxa inflitrated the manor and tried to smother Prue with a pillow. However, she woke up and managed to chase him off. Troxa then sneaked into Cole's office, where it is implied they had had dealings in the past. However, as Troxa was about to stab Cole, he used a fire extinguisher to make him visible, having figured out his weakness.

Cole later went to the manor and turned on the air conditioning and opened the windows, before telling Troxa to go after the sisters. Troxa once again tried to kill Prue, but she noticed his reflection in the mirror due to the cold air. She managed to trap him in a crystal cage and started interrogating Troxa, who revealed that he and Belthazor were sent after them by the Triad. However, the Triad then vanquished Troxa for revealing that information. After looking at the Book of Shadows, the sisters realized that they might have never seen Troxa if someone hadn't opened the windows and turned on the air conditioner.

Later, Phoebe would create a notepad document on Belthazor, listing his "Evil Allies" including Troxa, as well as Andras and Vinceres.

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