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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Trolls

Trolls are small magical creatures who live either in or near the fairy Kingdom in the Enchanted Realm. This realm is separated from ours by a thin veil, that can be crossed through portals in the 'in beween places' or 'Tween places', such as doorways and shadows. Trolls are the natural enemies of Fairies and were initially portrayed as evil, though they later appeared fighting on the side of good beings.

In 2000, a group of Trolls had kidnapped the fairy princess Thistle to force her royal parents to surrender their Kingdom. Thistle was saved by a young girl named Kate, who kept her safely locked in a box. The Trolls later kidnapped Thistle and Kate, whom they had turned into a fairy with magical fairy dust. However, these Trolls were vanquished by the Charmed Ones not long after. ("Once Upon a Time")

Years later, another Troll assisted the Charmed along with various other magical beings to distract the demon Zankou when he tried to gain control of the Nexus. A Troll used his speed to make Zankou trip down the stairs, much to the demon's frustration.

These Trolls were presumably much larger than their small counterparts. These Trolls are presumably good beings, as one was able to enter the school.

One of these Trolls assisted during one of Drake dè Mon's classes at Magic School and threw him out of a classroom, though it was not actually seen.

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