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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: The Undead and Molecular Combustion Potion

….The Undead, also called Zombies, are evil magical beings who were once deceased mortals, brought back from the dead.

Powerful Demonic Alchemists are able to resurrect these mortals, bringing them back to life to do their bidding. However, some Alchemists lack the power to resurrect them themselves and need the aid of an upper-level demon. These mortals are then trapped between life and death and become the living dead. Alchemists can control the undead and use them for whatever purpose they desire.

The undead appear to possess overwhelming physical strength, far greater than the average strength of a mortal.

In 2005, the demon Zankou worked with a demonic Alchemist to weaken the confidence and faith of the Charmed Ones, in order to weaken them and the Book of Shadows, allowing him to steal it. Zankou ordered a Raptor Demon to kill Tim Cross, a classmate of Phoebe who wanted to ask her out and then brought him back as the undead to torment her. Zankou also killed the future whitelighter Joanna, a charge of Paige, by posing as her violent boyfriend and brought her back as well.

As the Charmed Ones were greatly affected by the undead, Zankou pushed them further by bringing back Inspector Reece Davidson, an innocent the sisters had lost years earlier and also brought back three unknown innocents that Piper had once lost.

Ultimately, the sisters confronted Zankou and the Alchemist, though Zankou vanquished his ally and sent the undead to kill the sisters. While initially hesitant to fight back, Piper was eventually forced to destroy the undead by using her power of Molecular Combustion. However, as their confidence was shaken by the horrible events, the Book of Shadows was weakened enough for Zankou to steal it.

After luring the sisters, Cole and Coop to a cemetery, Valen used a demonic spell to animate the corpses buried there. The undead attacked the sisters until they managed to put them to rest again with a spell.

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