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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Necron

Necron was a demonic Skeletal Being who hovered between life and death. He had the power to incinerate any living creature to feed on its life force. As an undead demon, he needed the life force of other beings to survive.

Sometime during 2002, Necron found the Sea Hag's lair and planned to take her life force to feed on. However, she convinced him to spare her life, and in exchange she would find him a Mermaid, an immortal creature. She made a deal with a mermaid named Mylie. The Sea Hag would grant her legs for one month so she could find love. If she failed, the Sea Hag would take her Immortality and give it to Necron.

Six months later, Necron returned to the Sea Hag to claim his Mermaid, however, the Sea Hag had not yet been able to capture Miley. Necron tried to kill her once again, but the hag managed to get herself another chance. Necron then angrily killed his lackey to feed on instead.

Necron later returns to her lair to claim his mermaid once again, only to find the Sea Hag vanquished by the Charmed Ones. He then encountered Phoebe, who had been turned into a Mermaid earlier. He tried to kill her, but only managed to injure her. When Phoebe took care of her wound in a harbor, she was found by fishermen, however, Necron appeared and killed them. Phoebe then called for Leo, who orbed her to safety.

Necron later appeared in the manor and kidnapped Piper, taking her to the Sea Hag's lair. He then tortured her until Phoebe appeared before him. Necron hit Phoebe with an Auger Shell, which drained her of her Immortality until Paige appeared and orbed it off her. The sisters then cast a spell to vanquish Necron, causing a massive explosion which caused Piper to fall in the water and nearly drown.

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