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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Libris

The Libris are an order of lower-level demons that kill mortals who have potential to prove the existence of demons, in order to keep their existence hidden from the mortal world. They carry a sickle to attack their victims.

A college student, Charlene Hughes, came close to proving the existence of demons once, but one Libris hid in the public library and took her to the basement where he sliced off her head. Her spirit, however, remained in the library and helped the Charmed Ones vanquish him.

Phoebe had a premonition of the demon going after her and concocted a plan with Piper, Prue and Charlene to draw out the demon. Unfortunately, he moved too quickly and Phoebe was dragged to the basement of the library before anyone could do anything. Charlene's spirit managed to hold him off long enough for Prue to astral project and vanquish him.

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