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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Level Two Demon Weapon

The Level Two Demon Weapon was used by Level Two Demons, the servants of the Ordo Malorum.

Made from metal and about 4 inches long, the weapon is engraved with demonic etchings on either sides and can fire a blue beam of energy when a button, on top of the weapon, is pushed. It is able to vanquish powerful upper-level demons.

Litvack, a member of the Ordo Malorum, as well as his servants, used this weapon in an attempt to kill both Bane Jessup and the Charmed Ones.

To identify the weapon, Darryl Morris had sought the help of the Charmed Ones. When Darryl handed Piper Halliwell the weapon, Phoebe noticed the etchings and claimed that it was definitely demonic. The two sisters consulted their Book of Shadows and found an entry on the weapon, illustrated with a drawing of the weapon and followed by and entry on the Ordo Malorum.

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