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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Lazarus Demon

Lazarus Demons are rare high-level demons with telekinetic and resurrective powers, along with the ability to transport themselves through ashes. These demons usually work for whom or what had resurrected them. They grow stronger the longer they are released. Lazarus Demons are hot-tempered and unreliable, and especially hard to vanquish as the only way to prevent them from resurrecting is to bury their remains in a cemetery.

After becoming the Source of All Evil, Cole and The Seer sought to ruin his and Phoebe's wedding in order for them to be wed in a dark wedding, which would assure that their child would become evil. To achieve this goal, The Seer freed a Lazarus Demon to attack the Charmed Ones. This Lazarus Demon died a total of four times before being buried again. The first time, Paige orbed a sword into his stomach. The second time, Cole hit him with a Fireball. The third time, Piper blew him up, reducing him to ashes once again. The fourth and final time Cole once again hit him with a Fire Ball after which he was buried in the cemetery.

In the dark reality created by Cole Turner, Piper had become a bitter demon hunter after Prue's death, as Paige was not there to reconstitute the Charmed Ones. She lured a Lazarus Demon into a trap and tried to interrogate him for information on Shax. When Paige arrived in this reality, she told Piper she would have to bury the Lazarus Demon in a cemetery to keep him from resurrecting. Paige's knowledge of this helped convince Piper that she was telling the truth about being from another reality.

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