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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Gargoyles

A Gargoyle is a statue creature meant to ward off evil. Seemingly neutral, they will nevertheless reanimimate themselves and take the role of protectors for the side of humanity (and by extension, that of good) when evil is within their domain, regardless whether or not there are nearby innocents or other neutrals nearby.

A witch named Nell created an enchanted painting in order to trap and kill her warlock ex-boyfriend, Malcolm. Among the numerous traps she used were fire-breathing gargoyles. Malcolm was able to dodge them with his blinking power. When Prue and Piper tried to free him, the gargoyles attacked them as well and it was all they could do to fend them off even as powerful as they were.

When the Source surfaced to find Paige Matthews and stop the Charmed Ones from being reconstituted after Prue's death, some gargoyles were notified of his presence. Cole Turner heard about the gargoyles while searching for information and running from bounty hunters, and warned Phoebe and Piper that this was a sign the Source was near. Later, the Source, who had possessed Paige's boyfriend Shane, tried to enter the church where Paige had been abandoned, but the gargoyles protecting it came to life and were able to overpower him with their sonic cries, sending him painfully retching to the ground. Since the Source/Shane couldn't get into the church he pretended to be hurt and asked Paige to leave with him.

When magic switched sides and mortals gained powers, it's assumed that Gargoyles were stripped of their powers and rendered ordinary statues. Due to having lost their powers, The Charmed Ones use their mortal relatives and friends to change the manor's appearance into a more magical look, to combine with the rest of the Prescott Street. Amongst the additions are a few gargoyles.

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