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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Dark Knight

The Dark Knight was a powerful demon described as a power mad paladin of destruction in the Book of Shadows. He wielded a powerful artifact known as Death's Head Shield and sought to obtain the legendary sword Excalibur.

After the Lady of the Lake begged for Piper's help, the Charmed Ones orbed to the lake and saw the woman emerge from the water. She was holding a sword and warned the sisters that someone was coming for the sword. The Dark Knight then shimmered in with two Executioner Demons and he threw an athame into her back, killing her. Phoebe and Paige quickly vanquished his minions and the knight retreated once he realized he was outnumbered.

The Dark Knight was determined to find the sword so he went looking for stronger executioners. He worked closely with the Head Executioner. The Head Executioner offered up his best murderers and it was revealed that the Dark Knight served a greater power. The Dark Knight then led an attack against Piper, who now wielded Excalibur, and Mordaunt in the attic.

During the attack, it was revealed that the knight was working for Mordaunt, who told him he was no longer needed. The knight was then vanquished by Piper when she ran him through with Excalibur.

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