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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Saleel

Saleel was a low-level reptile demon known for using constrictor-like methods to kill his prey. He was known to be very elusive and kept snakes as pets. He harbored a personal hatred for Leprechauns.

In 2003, Saleel started killing Leprechauns in order to gain access to their lucky gold. His first victim was a Leprechaun named Connor, whose Shillelagh he stole. He then returned to his lair and granted luck to the demons Janna and Jayda in exchange for their loyalty and supporting in taking over the Underworld.

The Elders, who had detected a streak of bad luck and had Leo warn the Charmed Ones. Paige cast a spell that sent her to Seamus Fitzpatrick, just in time to save him from Saleel. Angered, Saleel sought out another Leprechaun named Liam and asked him about the witch. After realized the Charmed Ones were now after him, Saleel killed Liam and took his Shillelagh to find more luck.

When the sisters confronted Saleel, he cursed them with back luck and killed Seamus. When the sisters fled, he sent Janna and Jayda after them. When Janna was vanquished, Jayda kidnapped Piper and took her to the lair, where Saleel vanquished her for her failure.

In order to save their sister and defeat Saleel, Phoebe and Paige gathered the Leprechauns and confronted him. The Leprechauns then hit Saleel with their combined bad luck, causing a meteor to strike and vanquish him.

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