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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Protection or Safety Spell

Protection Spells are spells to protect not only the living but also places and objects. Although there are protection spells, no potions are known to exist.

In Something Wicca This Way Comes, a witch named Serena Fredrick cast a protection spell that called upon the Ancient One of the Earth, Moon and Sun to protect her and her altar, although it did not work. She was killed seconds after her spell by Jeremy Burns to obtain her power of Pyrokinesis.

In Ms. Hellfire, a witch named Marcy cast a protection spell. Although she does not have any powers, her spell "worked" as she was saved by Phoebe and Darryl.

In Styx Feet Under, Paige cast a protection spell on an Army chaplain to prevent him from being killed by a demon. However, the chaplain was attacked by a demon named Sirk, who had thrown an Energy Ball at him. The Energy Ball only left a hole in the Chaplain instead of killing him because of Paige's spell. This later caused many complications with the Angel of Death.

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