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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Parasite Demons

The Parasite Demons were once powerful demons who were cursed by a witch many centuries ago, leaving them severely weakened. In order to survive, they had to absorb the magic of other magical beings. Their loss of power also caused them to become social outcasts in the demonic world. The Parasite Demons enjoyed targeting witches for revenge, but ultimately searched for a source of magic that would restore them to their former power.

The Parasite Demons hired a Hawker Demon to kidnap the newborn Wyatt Halliwell, as they sensed his power would be enough to restore their full powers. The Crone tried to warn the Hawker of the danger, but he refused to listen. After the Hawker Demon was vanquished he left a knife behind, which Paige traced back to the Demonic Market. Paige entered the market undercover, and attempted to vanquish the Parasite Demons, but was defeated and captured by them, who began to drain her magic. When Phoebe received a premonition of Paige in danger, she and Piper went to the market, at which point the Parasite Demons realize that nobody is left at the manor to protect the baby.

However, Leo fought to protect Wyatt, giving the sisters enough time to return to the manor. Piper then blew up one of the Parasite Demons, while the other escaped. However, back the market, the Crone vanquished the other Parasite Demon for trying to take the child and causing chaos at the market.

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