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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Manticore

Manticores are upper-level demons with super strength and speed that travel in packs. They have venomous claws and are able to shimmer from place to place. Manticores have a reptilian appearance and communicate with high-pitches cries.

Female Manticores are known for mating with mortal men to create hybrids, allowing their demonic children to blend into the mortal world. They kill their mates after conception and raise the children alone. Manticores can be vanquished by a vanquishing potion.

Piper Halliwell once tried to confront a demon in an alleyway, but a Manticore got to him first. The Manticore paralyzed the demon with her venomous claws and began feeding on him and storing parts of his flesh.

When the Manticore noticed the presence of the Charmed Ones, she attacked them. Piper tried to blow up the manticore, though the Manticore was able to resist her power. Paige Matthews then orbed an electrical wire at it, vanquishing the Manticore. After the vanquish, the sisters were shocked to discover a baby there. They soon discovered the baby was demonic when it revealed a demonic tongue.

The sisters took the baby home and debated what to do with it, as it would most likely grow up and become evil due to its demonic nature. Chris advised to vanquish it, though the sisters were conflicted, especially when the baby bonded with Wyatt.

Meanwhile, an unknown Beast tried to obtain the baby and kidnapped Piper, who later discovered he was actually the father of the baby. Meanwhile, her sisters, believing Piper to be in danger, reached out to the Manticores to retrieve the baby. The beast was seriously injured and transformed back into his mortal self, before being healed by Leo Wyatt.

The Charmed Ones traveled to the Underworld and vanquished the Manticore pack, allowing Derek to be reunited with his son.

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