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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Krychek Demon and The Virus

Wreckless, Low-Level demons that act as seeing eyes for those who choose to employ them in the Underworld, the Krycheck demons are identifiable by their distinct tribal band tattoos marking their clan affiliation.

After learning about demons that were attacking other demons as well as Gnomes and Leprechauns, Piper Halliwell and Paige Matthews tracked a Krychek to Magic School, but something was strange, the potion that Piper made to destroy the demon did not work when she through it all the demon who was extremely muscular and hulked out.Emrick and a group of demons saw the two sisters and launched a Fire Ball at them; they then quickly orbed out of the school.

Emrick and the demons stood over the Krychek demon as it was explained that another demon wanted to study him to learn what made it so powerful. Emrick wanted to kill the demon for attacking him and scratching his face but while they debated, the Krychek transformed to his normal state and soon burst into flames due to being injected with the Virus. Due to the Krychek attacking Emrick, Emrick became infected with the Virus as well. He attacked the sisters and wounded Billie Jenkins, infecting her with the Virus. Paige quickly orbed Emrick back to Magic School.

After Agent Murphy of Homeland Security ordered the sisters to return the Krychek to them, they learned that the Krychek was be injected with a strange substance known as the Virus causing it to become muscular and impervious. The Virus ultimately leads to death if an antidote is not given.

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