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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Hawker Demon

Hawker Demons are a breed of demons that sell rare items at the Demonic Market. Hawkers only go out into the world on rare occasions and they are low level demons. They are loyal, listen careful to the advice of demons such as the The Crone and only hunt when asked to. They are known to hire other demons to help them in their tasks.

In 2003, two Parasite Demons asked for something special. They wanted Wyatt Halliwell, the firstborn child of the oldest Charmed One, Piper Halliwell. The parasites tried twice to capture Wyatt in order to absorb his powers and become powerful again. The Hawker Demon and the demon he hired were vanquished by a crystal-cage made and charged with electricity (similar to Prue's in Sight Unseen to trap Belthazor and Troxa) by Paige. Its only fault was that she overcharged the crystal cage which, instead of trapping, resulted into vanquishing of the Hawker Demon and the hired demon.

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