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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Harpy

Harpies are demons with roots in Greek mythology. Over centuries they have evolved into a powerful clan of vicious, elite female demons. Harpies follow their queen through her trials tribulations to gain more footing in the demonic ranks of The Underworld.

These leather-clad warriors attack their intended innocent with the ability to shoot laser bolts. They also possess sharp, talon-like claws, which they use to shred flesh. Immune to the powers of witches, the Harpies also possess excellent fighting skills, and can only be vanquished by The Power of Three.

A Harpy attacked Piper Halliwell and Paige Matthews in the manor. While Piper fought off the Harpy, Paige orbed Phoebe to the manor in order to use The Power of Three to vanquish the Harpy. However, the Harpy managed to injure Phoebe by throwing her into a mirror. Piper then kicked the Harpy and the sisters cast the vanquishing spell, destroying the Harpy.

The following morning, Cole was furious to find out his wife had been injured and ordered his assistant Julie to bring the leader before him. However, Julie delivered the message herself by slicing off the leader's claw and bringing it to Cole.

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