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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Cryto

Cryto, also called the Demon of Vanity, is a powerful demon who grants youth, beauty, and health in return for one's soul.

n the 16th century, Cryto traveled the Dukedoms offering youth and beauty, but at a great price. In exchange for his services, Cryto demanded the souls of those he restored. A group of three witches sought to stop Cryto by skinning him alive, believing this would prevent his spirit from returning. Rather than being vanquished, the demon was reduced to non-corporeal state.

In "How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans", three members of Grams' old coven, Amanda, Helen and Gail, summoned Cryto out of desperation to save Gail from incurable cancer. They traded him the Charmed Ones' active powers, along with their souls, in order to bargain with him for youth, beauty and health. They tricked the Charmed Ones into coming to Gail's home outside San Francisco, then used the "To Call a Witch's Power" spell to call their powers to Cryto.

However, Cryto didn't want to chance them turning on him, so he turned Helen and Amanda to dust because it would take three witches to banish him again. When Gail refuses to help him kill the Charmed Ones, Cryto turns her to dust as well.

Despite being an upper-level demon, Cryto didn't have much experience using the Charmed Ones' powers. For instance, he didn't know that good witches were immune to Piper's freezing power, allowing them to take him by surprise when he tried to freeze them. The Charmed Ones used their knowledge of their own powers to turn the tables on him when he followed them back to Gail's estate. They lured him into the basement and tricked him into astral projecting upstairs after Phoebe. While Cryto fought Phoebe in astral form, unaware that this would leave his body defenseless and leave him unable to use magic, Prue and Piper poured the power-calling potion down his throat. When Cryto returned to his body, the sisters took back their powers and banished him back to the other dimension.

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