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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Andras

Andras was the Spirit of Rage and a very rageful being himself. He possessed the power to enrage others, by magnifying their anger, until they commit an act of violence.

In 2000, Cole Turner contacted Andras to help kill the Charmed Ones. However, because he loved Phoebe, his plan failed. When Andras tried to take over, Cole vanquished him.

Cole called on Andras after finding out the Charmed Ones' powers were rooted in their bond as sisters. Andras used his power to turn long-simmering disputes between the Halliwell sisters into rage. Ultimately, the sisters' rage boiled over and caused a magically-amped catfight in which they used their powers against each other, severing their bond and causing them to lose their powers. This was reflected when the triquetra on the Book of Shadows separated.

Andras was suspicious of Cole's seemingly ambivalent demeanor, and it was confirmed when he saw him pass up a chance to kill Phoebe. He provoked Cole into becoming Belthazor and then possessed him. Andras then headed to the manor to kill the sisters, but his battle with them was unsuccessful as they had restored their bond. He was expelled from Belthazor's body when Prue deflected his own energy ball back at him. Belthazor then immediately vanquished him with another energy ball for crossing him.

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