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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Water Demon

The Water Demon was an elemental demon composed entirely of water. It killed by drowning its victims from the inside or by possessing victims and using the body to drag others underwater to drown. It roamed the lake of Camp Skylark near San Francisco, where the Halliwell family vacationed.

In the late 1970s, it killed several children at Camp Skylark. Patty Halliwell investigated it, as her children had attended the camp. With the help of her whitelighter Sam Wilder, she figured out a way to vanquish the demon using electricity clamps at the side of the lake. Unfortunately, as Patty was about to implement her plan, Sam tried to stop her out of fear for her safety. Whilst she was distracted by Sam, the demon shot out from the water behind her. She tried to freeze it, but it was immune to her power. It entered her body and drowned her from the inside on the dock.

In late 1999, the Charmed Ones planned to vanquish the demon after it had killed two more adults there, including the girls' old camp leader. Phoebe had a premonition of her mother trying to kill the demon and how it killed her. Thus, the girls decided to use Patty Halliwell's plan using the electricity clamps. Prue Halliwell decided to do so as Piper Halliwell would be at more risk, due to her power not working on the demon.

When the demon arose to confront Prue, it tried to trick her also by rising up behind her. However, Sam jumped in front of Prue and attempted to kill it by attacking it with high voltage electrical cables; zapping it with this electricity, he was successful in destroying the demon, but he died in the process as he got electrocuted too.

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