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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Vinceres

Vinceres was a formidable demonic assassin who has terrorized magical beings and innocents for centuries. His threat was ended when he was cursed with the power of empathy by Father Thomas. However, he was accidentally freed by Prue Halliwell, who mistook him for an innocent.

In 1996, he tried to kill Father Thomas, who stopped him by passing his gift of empathy to him. As demons could not handle human emotions, the massive emotional load not only rendered Vinceres unable to kill, but also made him an utter wreck of the dangerously powerful demon he had been. However, with the help of Belthazor, Vinceres was able to trick Prue Halliwell into lifting his curse and placing it upon herself. He lured Prue to the abandoned building where Vinceres, posing as a human named Vince, was hiding.

Believing Vinceres was an innocent who desperately needed her help, Prue cast a spell to rid him of his unwanted gift of empathy, hence freeing him from the tremendous emotional pain that had been paralyzing him. Unknown to her, her spell did not work the way she intended it to – the cunning Vinceres passed his empathy to her by holding her hand. Both Belthazor and Vinceres thought that the emotional load would ultimately kill Prue, since she could not handle it the way a demon could. This ironically provided Prue with the power boost she needed to vanquish him.

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