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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Scavenger Demon

Scavenger Demons are lower-level demons that feed on the remains of the victims of other demons. Scavengers hide in high places and catch their prey with their ectoplasmic webbing. They are covered in green ectoplasm and can be vanquished with offensive powers such as Energy Balls.

While described as scavengers feeding on remains in the Book of Shadows, the Charmed Ones faced a Scavenger Demon that was hunting living witches.

In 2001, a Scavenger Demon was hunting in San Francisco. He had already killed two witches when the Charmed Ones tracked him down by scrying with ectoplasm taken from his last victim. Phoebe Halliwell and Cole Turner found the Scavenger in a dark alley, where the demon caught Phoebe with his webbing. While trying to hold on to her, Cole threw an Energy Ball at the Scavenger and vanquished him, covering them both in green ectoplasm.

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