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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: The Academy

The Academy is a brutal six-year training program that transforms mortals into demons by destroying their humanity. It was run by Kellman, who posed as a sports agent to recruit potential demons.

Training comprises challenges set forth in demonic wrestling rings, how to attack innocents, and how to avoid being detected by good witches. As training progresses and their humanity fades away, these mortals earn chevrons to signify their progress. Once a mortal earns his sixth chevron by killing an innocent, he becomes a full-fledged demon. These demons seemingly retain their souls, though any human emotions are suppressed through the training.

A mortal who becomes a demon in this manner can earn more chevrons and additional powers if they render great service to the Source of All Evil.

In 2001, the Charmed Ones became aware of the existence of the Academy when a former boyfriend of Prue, Tom Peters, was revealed to be trained there. The sisters set out to free him and Kellman was later vanquished by Tom himself. It is unknown what happened to the Academy after Kellman was vanquished.

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