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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Ludlow

Ludlow was an upper-level demon who ran a demonic training school for powerful magical beings such as firestarters. These beings were trained to work as the bodyguards for the Source of All Evil. The Charmed Ones faced Ludlow when they had to protect a young firestarter named Tyler from him.

In 2001, two demonic bounty hunters wanted to sell a young Firestarter to Ludlow and pretended to be mortal foster parents. However, the boy escaped and was found by the Charmed Ones, before vanquishing his foster parents himself. In order to vanquish Ludlow and close his academy, Piper and Leo pretented to be bounty hunters and delivered Tyler to Ludlow. However, their plan failed when Ludlow proved immune to Piper's freezing. Ludlow subdued Tyler by freezing him and send Piper and Leo away before they could save him.

Trapped outside of the academy, Leo went to get Phoebe and Paige while Piper tried to blow open the gate. However, she did not succeed until she heard Tyler calling out for help, which increased her power. Piper stormed the academy and blasted Ludlow. She and her sisters then read a Power of Three Haiku written by Paige to vanquish Ludlow.

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