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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Demonic Factions

Demonic factions are groups of demons, warlocks or darklighters that join together for one common goal; destroying magical entities, gaining control over the the Underworld, survival purposes, glory and power, etc.

The Source of All Evil traditionally, through the immense power inherent in being the ruler the Underworld, remains in control of the numerous tribes and groups of demons. However, the balance of power between the Source and the various factions of Evil is far more delicate than it may appear on the surface. If the factions like those that form the Infernal Council sense any weakness or opportunity to seize power for themselves will take it even if that means taking on the Source. This was the case for the demons Kurzon and Zankou both who lead mighty rebellions against the Source and while Kurzon failed in his quest for power, Zankou nearly succeeded in taking control of the Underworld with his army before being defeated and sealed into a mystic prison.

To preserve and gain further power, Demonic Factions will eliminate and annihilate those who dare challenge them. This factor is also one which must tempered by the ruling Source to ensure that the various armies of the Underworld don't begin their own civil wars. Yet even under strong leadership infighting amongst the factions is a constant threat.

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