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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Eames

Eames was a powerful immortal warlock hellbent on killing all Whitelighters and leaving their charges unprotected so he could kill them as well.

He stole numerous powers over the years, over a large geographical area too (Kenya and Scotland/Britain) culminating in his theft of the rare power of deflection from Vivian. He then killed a Darklighter for his crossbow, hoping to use it to kill a Whitelighter so he could take his or her powers and massacre Whitelighters in the Heavens.

He was easily the most powerful warlock the Charmed Ones had faced up to that point. The sisters thought they had to counteract all of the powers he'd stolen with any spell they came up with to vanquish him.

Vivian's Whitelighter, Natalie, was serving as the Charmed Ones' acting Whitelighter, and offered herself as bait so the Charmed Ones could get his crossbow. However, Eames disguised himself as the crossbow, and stabbed Natalie to death with an arrow. He took her powers and orbed to the Heavens, hoping to start his rampage. The Charmed Ones anticipated this, however, and went to the Heavens themselves. Disguised as Whitelighters in robes, they stabbed Eames with his own arrow. Although he was mortally wounded, the Charmed Ones didn't think he was dying fast enough, and used the spell they'd written earlier to vanquish him.

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