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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Awakening Spell and Reversal

….The Awakening Spell was used by Prue and Phoebe Halliwell to cure their sister, Piper, from Oroya Fever.

Piper had ordered Kiwano, an illegal fruit from South America, and got bitten by a sand fly that infected her with Oroya Fever, a rare disease only common in South America. She fell into a coma, but Prue and Phoebe found a spell that would cure the disease. Phoebe took a Ninja Doll and Prue got a vial, allowing them to cast the spell. Piper was awakened, but the doll became alive and infected a nurse, spreading the disease quickly. P3 got closed down for inspection, and the sisters were retained for further observation. Prue astral projected and found a reversal spell. She cast it with Phoebe and Piper falls into a coma again. After an unsuccessful reanimation, Piper's spirit left her body. In the Ghostly Plane, Leo healed her, although the Elders forbade him.

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