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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Spider Demon

There are two versions of Spider Demons now. I still love this one the best.

The Spider Demon was a demonic being who would remain in her lair for a hundred years, after which she would emerge from her cave and feed on the magic of the most powerful living being she could detect. She would preserve her victims in a cocoon of webs until she was hungry enough to drain their powers, and their life, which is what she did to Rathmere in the 21st Century.

At some point in time, the Spider Demon made a cave her hidden lair, and, after capturing a powerful magical being to feed off of, she would stay there for a hundred years before hunting again.

It is possible she once had blue hair, as an unknown witch of the the Warren line drew an illustration of her with blue hair in the family's Book of Shadows. However, this could have been a different demon belonging to her species[2]. They also wrote a brief account of her, saying only about her feeding habits and the fact that she could be vanquished by a potion blessed by the Power of Three.

"Rathmere is credited with more than 500 original spells and potions and would be a force to rival any other if not his mysterious disappearance in 1904."
—Rathmere's kidnap mentioned in a Magic School textbook.

In 1904, the Spider demon left her lair as she did every century to hunt for a new magical being to feed on, her previous source presumably having died. While sensing for a powerful individual for her to feed from, she detected the mysterious wizard Rathmere. She somehow secretly kidnapped him, and took him to her hidden lair, where she began to feed on his magic.

No one knew what had happened to Rathmere, as no trace of him was left other than his wand, which was somehow obtained by Magic School. An unknown author wrote a textbook entry owned by Magic School about Rathmere. It noted his disappearance, and mentioned that what happened to him was a complete mystery, just like his origins and past.

Preserved in a cocoon of webs, Rathmere was used as the Spider demon's power source for decades on end. However, he apparently had some form of contact with the outside world and had heard of the coming of the Charmed Ones by the early 21st Century.

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