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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Merlin

Merlin is a wizard that appeared in the novel The Legacy of Merlin He was mentioned in the episodes "We're Off to See the Wizard" and "Sword and the City", though whether or not he actually existed in the series remains a mystery.

In The Legacy of Merlin, he is presented as the most powerful Druid of all time. He is said to be the advisor to King Arthur. He lives in a high tower, protected by magic, in Camelot which can be accessed from the castle's hall. It is revealed that he is married to Nifein the Enchantress, also sometimes known as Viviane and Nimue and that he would have a son with her, Niall. Soon after Niall was born, his wife imprisoned him with her in a castle of magical glass and Niall was adopted by a noble family close to King Arthur whose parentage was kept a secret from everyone.

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