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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Celerity Demon

Celerity Demons are powerful upper-level demons who feed off lesser demons. They are described as a proud and aggressive species that prefer to live in solitude. Because Celerity Demons can move faster than human sight, are very difficult to find and fight. However, they can be vanquished through a potion. They can also be vanquished through powerful magical powers like Molecular Combustion, as shown when Piper vanquished Sarpedon.

hree Celerity demons, led by Aku, were responsible for killing the parents of Kyle Brody when he was a child, as they wanted to obtain ancient potions his parents had found. Kyle wrongly believed it was the Avatars that killed his parents.

When the Avatars neared, Sarpedon discussed the upcoming threat with his mentor Aku. To survive the threat, Sarpedon started stealing guardian angels from mortals to keep himself safe from danger. When he gained enough of them, he proved his strength by vanquishing his mentor. Sarpedon was later vanquished himself by Piper Halliwell, after killing Phoebe and fatally wounding Piper herself. This led to Leo accepting the Avatars' gift in order to resurrect them, thus bringing the threat closer.

The remaining demons responsible for the deaths of Kyle's parents, Kazl and Zyke, were later vanquished by Zankou in order to gain Kyle's cooperation in his fight against the Avatars.

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