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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Alchemist Demons

Alchemists, also known as Alchemist Demons, are demons with the power of transmutation. They possess dark magic and use metaphysical tools to turn one substance into another. They also possess some control over the dead. Powerful Alchemists can even resurrect the dead.

Kierkan was a powerful Alchemist who created the life essence Terra as his companion. However, she escaped and eventually possessed Piper. She then used the Charmed Ones to vanquish him.

Another Demonic Alchemist assisted Cole Turner when he was after the Charmed Ones. He transmuted Belthazor's blood so be would be immune to the vanquishing potion.

A third Alchemist worked with the demon Zankou to weaken the Charmed Ones in the hope to retrieve the Book of Shadows. This Alchemist could only control the dead, not resurrect them. He was eventually betrayed and vanquished by Zankou.

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