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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Kali

….Kali is a low-level demonic sorceress cursed into her own dimension. She could appear in reflective surfaces and possess innocents. She also wielded a devastating pyrokinetic power that she could share with others or projecting into the mortal realm through reflective portals e.g. mirrors.

Kali first had to lure a being into touching her reflection before she could possess them, her essence then shifting from her dimension into their bodies, granting her influence over the physical world.

Kali sought to steal the magic of good witches by corrupting them and turning them evil, sharing her own powers with Aviva in hopes of gaining the ancient magic of the Halliwells.

She posed as a high priestess to gain Aviva's trust, but was actually using her to steal the Charmed Ones' powers. She believed that since the Charmed Ones were new to their powers, it would be fairly easily to steal them.

Kali could only be ridden of by shattering her image in a mirrored surface, banishing her back to her own dimension.

Aviva soon realized that Kali was evil and wanted nothing more to do with her. Kali then lured her to the mirror, possessed her and stormed to the manor intending to massacre the Charmed Ones.

Piper froze Kali in the attic; while Aviva can't freeze (since she's a good witch), freezing Kali her breaks her possession over Aviva. Prue then telekinetically threw her into a mirror in the attic, allowing Phoebe to shatter the mirror and thus her image with a fireplace shovel, banishing her back to her dimension.

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