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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: The Order

The Order was once a cult of demons considered the most powerful force of evil, until their leader was vanquished. Since then, the Acolytes have been searching for the reincarnation of their leader, in the hope that he will lead them back to their former glory.

In 2004, the Order came to believe that Wyatt Halliwell was the reincarnation of their leader. In order to convert him to evil, they sought to use a wand to reverse his morality. After several failed attempted, they succeeded when the Charmed Ones were distracted. When the sisters set out to get Wyatt back, he protected the Order against them. However, Chris was able to enter the force field and tackled the leader, causing him to accidentally vanquish himself. Piper then used the wand to turn Wyatt good again and the few surviving Acolytes fled.

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