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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: The Cursed Urn and Guardian of the Urn

….The Guardian of the Urn is a magical being that protects a priceless Egyptian Urn, once owned by an ancient wizard. When the wizard died, a curse was placed on the urn. When the urn is stolen, the Guardian kills the thieves as punishment for their crime and feeds off their greed. The Guardian only wishes to kill those responsible for the theft, though she will eliminate all those that stand in her way. The only way to break her curse is to perform a selfless act.

When the Urn was stolen from a mansion in Cairo by Wesley, Palmer Kellogg and Clay Muniz, the Guardian awoke and killed Wesley with a poisonous spider.

Clay brought the urn to San Francisco and talked his ex-girlfriend, Phoebe, into convincing her sister to auction it off. The Guardian confronted Palmer at his hotel and asked where the urn was. She then proceeded to kill him with a scorpion. Meanwhile, Prue discovered the urn was cursed and informed her sisters.

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