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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Banshee

Banshees are a breed of demons with distinctive white hair and a high pitched scream. Their screams can burst glass and blood vessels, killing mortals or turning emotionally confused witches into new Banshees.

Powers of a witch are capable of vanquishing a Banshee, as seen when Piper Halliwell blew up a Banshee with her new power. When a witch is transformed into a Banshee, the only way to revert her is for her to deal with her emotional pain. However, the transformation will become permanent when she kills a person.

The Book of Shadows has an entry on Banshees, as well as a spell to track them. However, this will turn the caster into a dog, as only they are capable of hearing the cries of a Banshee other than the victim. The Book however lacks information on how to vanquish them, but Banshees are vulnerable to powers such as Molecular Combustion.

In 2001, a Banshee attacked several heart-broken people in San Francisco, such as a grieving husband and a teenage girl. To track the Banshee, the Charmed Ones cast a spell, which turned Prue into a dog. After following her, Piper and Phoebe were able to save the girl. With a loud sonic scream, the Banshee zeroed in on a grief-stricken Phoebe. Piper attacked the demon with her new power but missed, causing the Banshee to run away.

When Phoebe was in the attic crying over her loss of Cole, the Banshee sensed her grief and attacked her. Phoebe called for her sister but it was too late. The Banshee's screams turned Phoebe into another Banshee. Piper and Leo rushed into the attic and Piper vanquished the demon by blowing her up.

Once Phoebe turned into a Banshee, she leaped out the attic window, screaming and looking for anyone in grief. She stalked a woman in the streets, though she gave up when the woman's lover arrived. After Piper cast the spell to summon Belthazor, Cole showed up and his aching heart called out to Phoebe. Phoebe attacked Cole and they shimmered to the mausoleum. They fought each other and Cole pinned Phoebe to the ground. When she began screaming, he wrapped his hands around her throat. She flung him across the room and Cole returned to him human self. He confessed that he loved her and she could feel his broken heart. With a final scream, Phoebe then transforms back into herself.

In 2003, when Piper temporarily gained control of Excalibur, a Banshee was on her round table of the strongest demons. However, the Banshee was vanquished when Mordaunt double-crossed her, in an attempt to capture Excalibur for himself.

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