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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Valkyrie

The Valkyries are a powerful race of Demi-Goddesses, who scout battlefields for honorable powerful soldiers and then take their souls to their home Valhalla, where they are brought back to life and train for the Final World Battle. They are forces of good tasked with preparing warriors to fight on the side of good when the final battle between good and evil comes.

Some time after coming to the past, Chris Perry made a deal with the Valkyries to hold Leo Wyatt hostage for him. After Chris sent him to Valhalla, the Valkyries trapped him in an arena and used him as a gladiator to test their warriors.

When they learned that Leo was missing, Phoebe and Paige were able to track him. Chris then provided them with Valkyrie Pendants by killing three Valkyries, including one named Leysa. The sisters then traveled to Valhalla and managed to free Leo. However, when Piper was confronted with him, her feelings and memories returned. She lashed out at him and decided to remain on the island.

When the two sisters and Leo escaped the island, three warriors followed them. Believing the Final World Battle had begun, they started attacking mortals. Meanwhile, the Valkyries discussed what to do with Piper. Mist sensed she was a Valkyrie, but that it was not pure. Freyja decided to accept her regardless.

When the Valkyries learned their warriors were killing mortals, they realized they had to stop them. Piper offered to help, as she was from the city. Once inside San Francisco, they tracked the warriors to a crime scene. They were then bothered by a group of bikers and they knocked them out. Piper then came up with the idea to blend in by dressing as bikers.

The Valkyries confronted the warriors, but they were too confused to believe them. The two groups then fought until Phoebe and Paige arrived. They tried to cast a spell on Piper, but it failed and Piper left with the Valkyries and the warriors after finally convincing them.

The two sisters later followed Piper back to Valhalla and cast another spell on her. This time it worked and Piper came to her senses. The Valkyries wanted to attack Phoebe and Paige, but Piper stopped them. She then told Freyja it was time to go home and assured her their secret was safe.

A few Valkyries helped the Charmed Ones battle Zankou and his demonic forces after he stole the Book of Shadows and took over the manor.

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